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Dance Academy - Arts Education

Dance Academy: Arts Education supports Middle Years educators with engaging classroom activities, designed to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of dance, as both an artist and audience.… The website features video clips and production materials from the award-wi…

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Language of Belonging - Wadu Matyidi

Language of Belonging is a multi-platform education resource based on the ground breaking Indigenous short animation Wadu Matyidi and the five accompanying behind the scenes mini documentaries.… Designed specifically for Primary-aged students, this diverse learning program give…

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Lockie Leonard - For Teachers

Lockie Leonard for Teachers - - is a multiliteracy resource aimed to help students in Upper Primary and Lower Secondary school explore the Lockie Leonard television series, based on the original trilogy of books by Western Australian writer Tim Winton.……

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Mortified - For Teachers

Mortified for Teachers - - is an online resource that accompanies the Mortified live action, children's comedy drama series which follows a young girl's journey towards self-acceptance.… Adapted from the Mortified - Teaching & Learning DVD-ROM…

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My Place - For Teachers

The My Place for Teachers website ( provides rich educational material to support primary and lower-secondary teachers using the My Place TV series in the classroom.… Since 1988, thousands of Australian teachers have used the My Place book to s…

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You're Skitting Me - Sketch-O-Matic

A digital sketch comedy writing tool inspired by the You're Skitting Me TV series.… Motivating and engaging your students in the productive modes of speaking, writing and creating has never been so entertaining!… Developed specifically for kids aged 9-14, the Sketch-O-Mat…

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