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Stubbies - Study Guide Study Guide


About this Resource

The Stubbies Study Guide has been developed for teachers wishing to incorporate twenty-first century media into their classroom programs. At a time when students are viewing and creating short videos, online animations and digital forms, Stubbies presents many opportunities for them to enjoy and learn from high quality, locally produced content.

The Stubbies Study Guide provides excellent teaching strategies to inspire students to create their own media and digital content, as well as providing opportunities for students to learn about different genres of media, particularly animation, and to engage with the stories and themes across the curriculum. Many of the activities in the Study Guide have arisen from brainstorms in teacher workshops and students’ ideas in the classroom. All four programs will be enjoyed by children from the age of five up, and comparing and contrasting them provides many positive learning outcomes as well as enjoyable learning experiences. 


Year Level

Early Childhood (F-3), Middle Primary (4-5), Middle Years (5-9)

Curriculum Study Areas

Critical and Creative Thinking, Drama (The Arts), English, Media Arts (The Arts), Music (The Arts), Personal and Social Capability, Visual Arts (The Arts)

Resource Type

study guides


behaviour, identity, social responsibility