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Persuasive Text Teaching Resource EDUCATION RESOURCE


Resource Description

All language is persuasive. Whether we are telling a funny story, giving a compliment, proposing marriage, or passing the time in a long queue at the supermarket, we are using language for a particular purpose. That purpose conditions the words that we use and the way in which we use them. Language is never neutral.

In the Persuasive Text: An Introduction to Using Persuasive Language in the Classroom (DVD-ROM) you will find beaut ideas to support primary and lower secondary teachers addressing persuasive texts in the classroom.

The resource includes:

  • 12 digitised downloadable clips from a variety of children's TV productions
  • 44 teaching activities with associated student activity sheets
  • Links to current Australian curriculum documents and supporting resources

The teaching activities offer strategies for engaging years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in developing their skills and understanding for using persuasive language through verbal and non-verbal forms.

Today's students need to be aware that language is not simply an objective label but a series of signs and symbols that represent values, attitudes and cultural definitions. Everyday they navigate their way through a barrage of information delivered through media and the internet which makes it critical for students to become discerning consumers of language.

Year Level

Early Childhood (F-3), Middle Primary (4-5)

Curriculum Study Areas

Critical and Creative Thinking, Drama (The Arts), English, Media Arts (The Arts), Visual Arts (The Arts)


advertising, genre, persuasive text