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Reading & Viewing For Comprehension: Teaching Resource EDUCATION RESOURCE

Resource Description

In the 21st century, students are much more reliant on reading and viewing as a dynamic relational experience merging text and image (static and moving). The internet, mobile communication devices, electronic games and broadcast media bombard us everyday with texts and images, communicating and persuading us with new and creative languages and literacies.

This comprehension resource adopts a learning model based on (1) developing knowledge of reading and viewing genres, (2) utilising the readers’ prior knowledge, (3) discovering and exploring information about both text and image, and (4) using context to assist recognition of words, images, symbols and meaning.

The texts and the images employed by the resource are related to well known ACTF productions such as Round the TwistI ThinkMy PlaceNoah & SaskiaLockie Leonard, among others.

The resource uses collaborative and fun approaches incorporating discussion, inferring, questioning, analysing and evaluating, creating, and synthesising information.

Reading and Viewing for Comprehension (DVD-ROM) incorporates:

  • Over 130 teaching strategies and student activities aligned to 13 video clips;
  • Teaching and learning strategies for engaging years 3, 5, 7, and 9;
  • References the Australian Curriculum for EnglishV3 Content Descriptions;
  • Links to useful digital resources located websites for the Departments of Education and Study authorities in each state and territory.


Year Level

Middle Primary (4-5), Middle Years (5-9)

Curriculum Study Areas

Drama (The Arts), English, Media Arts (The Arts), Visual Arts (The Arts)


genre, Inquiry Skills, persuasive text