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Hoopla Doopla! - English & Chinese Language Resource

The Hoopla Doopla!: English & Chinese Language Resource has been developed in partnership with the Asia Education Foundation (AEF) for lower-primary (F-2) Chinese language teachers.… The resource features English and Mandarin language version episodes of the highly pop…

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Little Lunch App Competition

Now in its third year, the ACTF’s Little Lunch App Competition invites Year 3-6 students to submit short films they have created with the free Little Lunch App. Participating classes generally view and analyse episodes of the hilarious school-based mockumentary series as a star…

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Little Lunch App: A Teacher's Guide

The Little Lunch: A Teacher's Guide resource provides Android tablet users with a PDF version of the Little Lunch: A Teachers Guide iOS multi-touch book and a PowerPoint of the included presentation.The book is designed to support the integration of the Little Lunch App and…

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Noah & Saskia - Teaching Resource

Two teenagers find each other from opposite sides of the globe, and change each other’s lives. By projecting their ideal selves in a virtual world, they get a little closer to reaching their ideals in the real one. A mixture of live action, animation and visual FX, is set in Melbourne (Austra…

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Paper Planes - Novel And Film Comparison

Through this unit of work, written by Wendy Bean, students examine the visual and printed texts of the Paper Planes (feature film and novel). The novel is based on the motion picture screenplay Paper Planes, and is written by Steve Worland.… This unit of work explores a range o…

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