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Bushwhacked! - Series 1 Study Guide

Bushwhacked! can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups, from middle-primary to middle-secondary, and is a valuable resource for a large range of curriculum areas, including English, Science, The Arts (Media), Humanities (Geography) and the cross-curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Str…

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Bushwhacked! - Series 2 Study Guide

In each episode of Bushwhacked! - Series 2 an important message about ecosystems is explored. The Bushwhacked! - Series 2 Study Guide harnesses those messages to inspire a greater awareness in students of Australia’s unique Indigenous people, their culture and their relationship with the land.

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Bushwhacked! - Series 3 Study Guide

Bushwhacked! is a unique nature television program now in its third series. This highly acclaimed documentary series appeals to children and teenagers from 5 to 14 years old. Highly dramatic and exciting, it is an example of how well-researched locations, excellent scr…

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MY:24 - Study Guide: Health And Physical Education (HPE)

This study guide provides teaching strategies to support students in the development of knowledge, skills and depositions that will reinforce their sense of self, and support them in building and managing satisfying relationships, and positively influence, their own and others’ health and wel…

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