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Indigenous Perspectives - Education Package

The diverse histories, communities and cultures of Indigenous Australian children are represented in a range of ACTF content.… Our new animated series Little J and Big Cuz follows five-year old Little J as he explores his environment and his new school. The My Place episod…

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Language Of Belonging - Wadu Matyidi - Inquiry 1: How Do We Communicate?

In this inquiry, students work both individually and collaboratively to explore, analyse and interpret the nature and purpose of communication. The included activities encourage students to explore types of communicaton, both verbal and non-verbal.… This is a sample of work taken from 'Unit 1…

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My Place - For Teachers

The My Place for Teachers website ( provides rich educational material to support primary and lower-secondary teachers using the My Place TV series in the classroom.… Since 1988, thousands of Australian teachers have used the My Place book to s…

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MY:24 - Study Guide: Humanities

MY:24 offers a series of unique windows into contemporary Australian life from the perspective of young people. The MY:24 Study Guide – Humanities, provides practitioners with discussion tools and activities to link these stories with themes identified in Years 5-9 of the Australian Curriculu…

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Ready for This - Study Guide

Ready for This is an aspirational teen drama series that highlights the challenges and adventures of six elite teens brought together in pursuit of their dreams.This study guide has been written to support the learning and teaching in a number of areas, including Health and Physical Educa…

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