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Animalia - Primary Teaching Resource

Alex and Zoe are two kids who find themselves in an extraordinary situation. After stumbling across a magical portal hidden in the town library they’re led to a parallel dimension, a sophisticated world called ANIMALIA. It’s a magical place dominated by talking animals.… The …

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Animalia - Road Rules and Safety

In this activity, students will discuss concepts of community values, rules and norms that help shape society and make it a safer place and decide on the value to their lives and behaviours.… The clip, Accepted Behaviour in Society, from Episode 1 of Animalia, highlights the dangers when road…

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Dance Academy - Arts Education

Dance Academy: Arts Education supports Middle Years educators with engaging classroom activities, designed to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of dance, as both an artist and audience.… The website features video clips and production materials from the award-wi…

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Mustangs FC - Education Package

Mustangs FC is a goal kicking comedy drama about girls who are abandoning the sidelines and starting their local football club’s first all female team. Against the odds, they’ll stand united and overcome any challenge the club, the boys or the opposition can throw at them, all while wre…

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Mustangs FC Teaching Toolkit

The Mustangs FC Teaching Toolkit explores key themes from this unique series, including gender, relationships, mental health, leadership and diversity. … Suitable for upper primary and lower secondary students, the toolkit provides teachers with discussion starters, engaging provocations…

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Ready for This - Study Guide

Ready for This is an aspirational teen drama series that highlights the challenges and adventures of six elite teens brought together in pursuit of their dreams.This study guide has been written to support the learning and teaching in a number of areas, including Health and Physical Educa…

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