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Lift Off! - Chill Out!: Teachers' Guide

The Chill Out! resource uses TV to teach children about conflict resolution, bullying prevention, fairness and relationships. It utilises dramatic segments from Lift Off, the ACTF's award-winning entertaining and educational series for young children.… The Chill Out! Teach…

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Lockie Leonard - A New Town, New School And New Hormones

The activities in this section deal with moving to a new town and starting over. Students explore the physical and emotional changes that can occur due to resettlement and the advantages and disadvantages of a new school and new friends. It also explores the impact of change and transition on a tee…

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Lockie Leonard - For Teachers

Lockie Leonard for Teachers - - is a multiliteracy resource aimed to help students in Upper Primary and Lower Secondary school explore the Lockie Leonard television series, based on the original trilogy of books by Western Australian writer Tim Winton.……

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Ready for This - Study Guide

Ready for This is an aspirational teen drama series that highlights the challenges and adventures of six elite teens brought together in pursuit of their dreams.This study guide has been written to support the learning and teaching in a number of areas, including Health and Physical Educa…

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