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The ACTF distributes over 400 hours of Australia's best children's programming to more than 100 countries around the world.

Our popular titles – developed by the ACTF and other leading Australian producers – are designed to both educate and inspire kids no matter where they live.

Browse our catalogue to find shows of interest to children in your country. If you are interested in the commercial acquisition of any of these programs, our friendly sales team is available to answer your questions.

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Bushwhacked! - Series 2

Little Lunch (Specials)

Ready For This

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Little Lunch (Specials)

Little Lunch (Specials)


The award-winning series Little Lunch is back, with two half-hour specials – 'The Halloween Horror Story' and 'The Nightmare Before Graduation'. ... The Little Lunch series (26 x 12 min) is a comedy, where every episode takes place during that highly-anticipated school day break – morning snack... Read More!

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Get Ready to Play: It’s Hardball Time!

Get Ready to Play: It’s Hardball Time!

25 March 2019

Northern Pictures’ first foray into live-action drama for the 7-11 audience – Hardball (13 x 24 min) - will premiere on the ABC Me App on April 1. Distributed internationally by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Hardball is the brainchild of creators Guy Edmonds and Matt Zermes.

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